“This book is so well conceived, beautifully written for young children and wonderfully illustrated. I thought it was great to read with my grandson and the coping techniques, or tools, as they are called in the book are extremely helpful . But read it first on your own. It will put a smile on your face. It did for me . I look forward to reading other books by Dr. Margolese.” (Amazon.com)

“Dr. Stephanie Margolese has written a captivating, entertaining and informative story about sadness, and how to cope with this difficult emotion. Children of all ages will identify with Monkey and will have fun going along with him on his adventure to find his lost smile. The tools provided to help children manage feelings of sadness are extremely useful and pertinent. I look forward to reading this book to my son once he is a bit older. I highly recommend this book to any and every child, in order to learn about how to cope with sadness when it arises.” (Amazon.com)

What a wonderful book! My 3 year old boy really loved it. The pictures and the story were really captivating . It’s a very well-written book that lets you adjust your reading to the level of language of your child. And because of this, this book will stay in our bookshelf for several years. The “tools” section at the end is also very useful, for children but also for parents. Furthermore, the story actually triggered sadness in him and because of the book, I was able to use the examples to help him label, understand and also regulate his feelings. By the end of the book, he was feeling already so much better by going through, with Monkey, his journey to find his smile. The beautiful and intense joyous reaction he showed when we came to the point where Monkey finally found his smile back was worth the moon. I would advice every parent to get this book.

“A beautifully written, sweet story that is a great way to talk to your child about their emotions and put words on feelings that they may think they alone are having. My son thoroughly enjoyed the book and, as a parent, I was able to use the content to have a better vocabulary to talk to my son about different issues. Thoroughly enjoyed it and I highly recommend it.” (Amazon.com)

“Reading this book to my grandchildren really put smiles on their faces! They were able to relate to the characters and the way the monkey’s problems were solved…..Mommy’s hugs, eating the bananas, breathing, etc. We all were very happy when Monkey got his smile back! The illustrations are also very cute! Kudos to Dr. Margolese for making this book’s subject matter “real” for children!”
(From Amazon.com)

“When Monkey Lost His Smile is a beautiful and optimistic story about a little monkey who feels sad when his favorite tree is no longer there. With the help of a good support system, Monkey learns that his smile was with him all along and just needed some love and helpful tips to find it again. This book serves as a wonderful resource for parents whose children may be undergoing a difficult time. The book is light hearted and there are tools at the end of the book designed to make one feel better.”