About Me

Stephanie-MargoleseHello.  My name is Dr. Stephanie Margolese, but my young clients often refer to me as Dr. Stephanie.  I am a clinical psychologist who specializes in assessing and treating pre-school aged children, school-aged children, young adolescents, and older teens.  Of course, when you work with children, you are also working with their parents and the entire family!

The clients I work with come to me with all kinds of problems, ranging from anxiety, worries, OCD, and fears to depression, low self-esteem, attention deficit, hyperactivity, sleep issues, learning and academic problems, peer and family relational issues, poor social skills, anger management issues, temper tantrums, and other behavioural, developmental and emotional problems. Helping children and teens overcome their challenges and thrive as individuals is one of my greatest rewards.

In addition to my mission to help children and adolescents reach their full potential, I have discovered a passion for writing and collaborating on therapeutic resource books for children. You can see more about the books I’ve authored or contributed to on my home page.

My Educational and Clinical Training Background and Experience:

After obtaining my Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology at McGill University in 1994, I completed my Master of Arts degree in 1996 followed by my Doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology in 2002 at Concordia University.  Although most of my training has been in Montreal, I spent one year completing my pre-doctoral internship at the Alberta Children’s Hospital in Calgary.  I have been a member in good standing of the Ordre des Psychologues du Quebec (OPQ) from the fall of 2001.

Since graduating from university, I have been a full-time staff psychologist in the Child Psychiatry Outpatient Department at the Jewish General Hospital (JGH).  My roles as a psychologist on the multidisciplinary team are to: (1) conduct psycho-diagnostic assessments of children, adolescents and their families; (2) conduct psychological testing (e.g., cognitive, academic, attention, adaptive functioning, socio-emotional functioning, personality testing) of children and young adolescents; and (3) offer therapy and different modalities of treatment (e.g., individual psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, group therapy for adolescents, parent-child therapy).  For the past 10 years, I have also supervised numerous psychology interns, field placement students, summer practicum students, and psychiatry residents.

I am an Assistant Professor (Joint) (Professional) in the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Science and the Department of Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine at McGill University. Moreover, I served as Co-Director of Education and Training for the Psychology Division at the JGH from 2006 to 2013.  As part of my function as Co-Director, I organized professional activities for psychology interns and I invited speakers to present at Psychology Academic Rounds.

In addition to the above, I have always maintained a small private practice.  In the private domain, I offer individual therapy to children and adolescents of all ages. I provide consultations to parents as well. In addition, I offer psychological testing to children who are having attention, academic, emotional and/or behavioural problems.

Please email me for more information.